Monday, March 29, 2010

Resurrection Eggs

Just a quick reminder to get out your resurrection eggs or go buy some at your local Christian book store. These are a great way to teach your kids about the real meaning of Easter in a fun way. You can either do a couple of eggs a day or hide them and have an Easter egg hunt and then read them all at once. We've done both but remember to save egg #12 for Easter morning. I've found that to be the most meaningful. Not only is this a great way to teach your kids but this is a great "family tradition".

Here's a link to what I am talking about:

Happy Easter!


Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Love is 14 years of marriage

Scott and I at "Mary Poppins" for a family Anniversary Celebration.

Scott and I have been married for 14 years now. I know, I find it hard to believe too! I remember thinking when we got married, "I will never love him more than I do now." How foolish and young I was. I love him more now and in more ways than I could have understood then. I didn't understand the love that a Mom could have for a Dad who loved to sleep with a baby on his chest (or even two babies on his chest). I didn't understand the love and respect I could have for a man who consistently works hard for his family. Even when his job is miserable, he works faithfully for us, his family. I didn't understand the appreciation I would have for a man who always strives to do what is right no matter what. I didn't understand the admiration I would have for a man who admits when he's wrong and then tries to fix it. I didn't understand how his support for us homeschooling, wholeheartedly and without reservation, would mean on those rough days. I didn't understand how proud I could be of a man who unashamedly takes parenting classes, goes to home schooling seminars and reads books about being a better husband.

I didn't understand it then but I do now. I can't wait to look back in 20 or 30 years and see how shallow my love now is comparatively.

Happy Anniversary, my Love. Thanks for striving to be the man God wants you to be. I loved you then, I love you more now and I will love you better in the future.