Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Canyon Vacation

The family at the Grand Canyon - minus Miss Mo because heights are not her favorite things.
The beginning of the red rock terrain which was to last for the next 6 days.

Bryce Canyon National Park - amazing. The kids with their beloved Alex.
The kids memorializing all the Westerns filmed in Monument Valley. They crack me up!

Brighty, the famous Grand Canyon Donkey, which conveniently had a book written about it by Marguerite Henry and sold at the gift shop. See, school is everywhere

Scott switched jobs and had a week of floating holidays to use or lose so we grabbed the kids and the Gulas family (our adopted grandparents and Aunt, whom we love with all our hearts) and headed to Arizona and Utah for a 6 day tour of 5 National Parks. It finished out our school year and was a great time.

On a parenting note, it really pays to teach your kids that they are best friends and are to love each other more than themselves. We drove a lot and didn't have one cross word, one argument or fight the entire time between them. It was amazing. I am so proud of them. Scott and I had more cross words then they did. ( Hey, it happens) I find that this is one of those unforeseen benefits of home schooling, they don't know that they aren't supposed to like each other. We have also taken a firm stand on this, if they can't get along with each other then they lose the privilege of being with outside friends. We have only had to enforce this once or twice but we really want them to have a close, life long friendship. (Cause otherwise, all family Disney vacations won't be as fun)



Caileigh rocks at soccer. It's amazing how much concentration she can put into this. It's one of the few places she does.

Connor turned 12 and saved enough money between his own savings and birthday money to buy a 32 gig i-touch. He is a very happy boy.

Caileigh has really found the joy of reading this year. She reads everywhere just like her big brother and Mom.

Every spring the town floods the streets while checking the fire hydrants. This is one of my kids favorite indicators of summer coming.

Easter morning with Alex. Daddy was plaing in the orchestra at church so we met him there.

Collin running his heart out at soccer. The boy has a serious desire to win. He scored his first goal and Daddy took us out to see a movie to celebrate!