Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting Outdoors

We are almost done with school and are just finishing up with our projects for the state of Colorado (stay tuned, I'm writing a travel through Colorado history curriculum)so we drove up to Estes Park to take some pictures of Colorado's wildflowers for Caileigh.

While we were there we had time to play in the water, climb rocks and just play. I was sitting watching them and was reminded that kids need time to just play. We keep them in so many things and have so many toys that they rarely have time to just play. All three of mine played for 3 hours with just water, rocks, sticks and dirt and were perfectly happy and content. They were sad to go and when we got home Collin said, "Mommy, when can we go to the mountains and play again?." I told him soon because I so enjoyed the three of them enjoying each other and the creation that God made for us to enjoy.

I'm looking forward to summer and I think I will schedule some old-fashioned play time. I think I will slow our schedule down and just enjoy the time as family because the time is coming when I won't have that privilege.


Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Field Trip Photos - Southwestern Colorado


Here's some pictures from our trip to Southwestern Colorado. We went with our adopted grandparents, Mr. Vic and Miss Mo and had a wonderful time and learned tons! We spent a night in Glenwood Springs and did the hot springs and then headed to Durango where we spent two days at Mesa Verde and Four Corners and then rode the Durango - Silverton train (thanks Todd). We also spent a couple of days in Ouray, which was stunningly beautiful. More pictures later...

Thursday, May 07, 2009

My Son is 11!

I'm not quite sure when this happened and where I was but my oldest son is 11 today. I still remember quite clearly the moment they placed him on my chest (after 36 hours of labor I might add) and I knew life had changed forever. I remember feeling like I needed to introduce myself, "Hi, I'm your mom. I'm going to do my best to try not to mess up the rest of your life, God willing.". I remember holding him all night long the second night he came home because he had gas (nobody told me that eating green vegetables when nursing causes gas in babies)and then it was my first Mother's Day.

I remember him saying "yight" for light at 11 months and "lellow" for yellow until he was 3. I remember him asking if we could take Caileigh back to the hospital because she screamed too much and it hurt his head. He liked Collin, he was quiet. I remember that Scott was Connor's favorite person and toy and still might be (oh and Alex).

I remember teaching him how to walk, okay I don't remember that too well as I was on pain killers for my wisdom teeth. I remember teaching him to read, to count to 10 in English and Spanish and so much more.

What I don't remember teaching him is how to love so sweetly, or how to play with babies or to make friends with every one he comes in contact with. I am amazed at the blossoming young man I see before me today and I am so glad that I can be his mom. I don't deserve him but God blessed me anyway.

Thanks to all of you who have loved him and trained him and taught him along side of Scott and I. You know who you are. Oh and thanks to Grammy who prayed for Connor to be born on the National Day of Prayer. I didn't appreciate it then as I had contractions for 5 days and just wanted to be done but I appreciate it now.

Happy Birthday Connorman, I know God has plans for good and not for evil for the rest of your life. The best is yet to come. I love you.