Monday, April 25, 2011

My Dream

My Dream

Yesterday, at church, the Pastor asked us to write down our dream for the future. I struggled with this at first. I wrote down something that I thought I'd like to do someday but it wasn't my dream or what I wanted for the future. Sometimes, I think that I have the best of life right now. I get to do what I love to do, be with my kids, watch them grow, teach them and help others to do the same. I get to make meals for my hard working husband, support him and to love and enjoy our extended family and friends. I love my life. It's good here. I couldn't ask for more. My dream? I think I am living it, right now.

Then God gave me a new dream. In a second he spoke to my heart and showed me a vision, right in the middle of church. I saw myself in 10 years with my family around me. Connor was a tall man smiling gently on a girl leading her into the pew. My ever so handsome Collin ushering his beautiful twin sister in after Connor and Scott holding my hand as we sat with our adult children. We were all happy, loving to be together and worshipping together. Then in a flash, God showed me 5 or 10 years past that. We were all older and all the kids were married and had kids. Scott and I each had a small child by the hand as the parents were managing baby bags and getting everyone settled into the pew. We sat together worshipping and enjoying each other.

I knew that God had given me a dream to look forward to and work towards. I didn't even mind the gray hair in my vision. That's how I knew the vision was from God, I would never picture myself with gray hair - ever. I am always a little afraid of the day when my kids leave to start their lives without me, but God gave me a beautiful vision of a family whose relationships are strong and vital. A family who loves God and loves each other. A future where a family is strong in unity but without the guilt and manipulations that are often present. I want my kids to be independent in their lives and strong in their family unity while knowing that their Dad and I support and love them without strings. That's a dream worth working for. I might need to re-look at our family mission and goal planning to make sure we are on the right track to fulfill that dream, God willing.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Kitchen Timer Re-Do

Kitchen Timer - An essential

Have you discovered the usefulness of the kitchen timer? In "Creative Corrections" by Lisa Whelchel she discusses using an egg timer to help your children get things done. I started by using it in the classroom ( "You have 20 minutes to get this assignment done") and now have several stationed around the house. The kitchen timer is really useful for getting the kids dressed and chores done in the morning. I give them 10 minutes to get dressed, teeth brushed and morning chores done. If they do everything in the allotted time, they get 3 "marbles" in their special jar. After they get 20 marbles each we go have a special treat, a trip to Coldstone for icecream or a new book from Borders, something realtively inexpensive but out of the ordinary. If they do not accomplish their tasks in that time frame, I take marbles away each extra minute it takes. I use this with getting ready for bed, cleaning their bedrooms and with anything I need them to do in a reasonable time frame. Try It! I bet you'll become addicted to the egg timer as well.