Friday, April 30, 2010

Green cleaning

Just a plug for my cousin's blog on cleaning green. I ran out of much of my usual cleaning supplies and out of desperation got on-line and tried my cousin's suggestions. They worked beautifully and the kids thought they were a blast to mix up. They are currently wanting to make more if of the baking soda/lemon paste and are trying to find other things to clean with it, so that's a bonus. They were also excited to note that the lemon and baking soda make a small chemical reaction because the lemon is an acid and the baking soda, a base. I've done the vineagar and water before but always on a sunny day and it didn't work as well but since it's cloudy, it works great. I wonder why that is? Evaporation rate? Hmmm, Connor may have to research that for me.

Oh, and the best part is that the house smells lemony fresh.

Thanks, Laura! Love you!


Thursday, April 15, 2010

Getting away

Every once in a while I feel the need to get away. I have found that I am a better Mom, teacher and wife if I get away once in a while - I know it's a shocking admission from a die-hard home schooler but it's true. This year, I went on a road trip with two girlfriends and went to Ohio for a home school convention. I know, I should have have picked somewhere exciting like San Diego or Orlando but that's not where Susan Wise Bauer(SWB) and Jessie Wise were speaking so off to Ohio we went. We had a fabulous time and JW and SWB of "The Well Trained Mind" were amazing.

I learned some things during my time away which are as follows:

1. Always pick friends who like to drive in major cities - a huge bonus on a road trip.

2. Pack caffeine. And chocolate.

3. Every person on the road trip needs a role. The one in charge, the steady, calm one and me. I am my own role.

4. When choosing curriculum, your first plan is usually the best. 24 hours at a convention hall cannot supplant the countless hours of research you've done at home.

5. Stalk your favorite speaker, it will pay off in the end. (Thanks, E, for this advice.)

6. When going to a Tim Hawkins concert, go potty first. The mess would be very embarrassing.

7. Have at least one friend who gets to things early, they can save you a seat when you get lost.

8. If you make fun of a friend because a speaker might as well be calling their name and talking to them, be careful because the next line item might be directly speaking to you.

9. 3 days of pb & j is too much.

10. And the last thing - train your children and husband (mostly your kids because you have a better chance of it working) well so that when you get home the house is clean, laundry done and everything is how it's supposed to be. (Thanks honey and kids. I appreciate you!)