Thursday, April 24, 2008


Connor now and Connor then!

Connor took his 5th grade tests this week. I know! 5th grade and as he is forever reminding me, my little boy will be 10 in two weeks time. 10, you heard me, 10! Amazing! I feel sure I am not old enough to have a ten year old. Anyway, while I was waiting on the second day of test I was reflecting on the fact that being a home school Mom, this test is as much about how I am doing as a teacher as how Connor is as a student. Which may explain why I was more nervous than he was.

It got me to thinking about others things that I hope my children are learning that aren't quite so easy to test. Do they put God first in their heart? Do they care for others over themselves? Are they polite? Do they know what's right in God's eyes? Do they know the Bible as well as they know their math facts? Do they love purely? Do they understand that while we are training them to have first time obedience to us, we're really trying to train them to first time obedience to God? Do they understand that character is more important than academics?

Ahhh, do I understand that character is more important than academics? Academics matter, don't get me wrong, if Connor gets below a 90%, I'll have an issue with that. But do I make academics more important that character and Godliness in my children's hearts and mind? I wish I had a test that would show me the percentage on that.


Friday, April 18, 2008

Everyday Talk

Scott and I are helping our church plan a parenting retreat in June for our church and we are using "Shepherding a Child's Heart" material. While ordering the material I ordered, "Everyday Talk" by John Younts which was recommended by my good friend, Kerri ( ). I have to tell you that I have been totally convicted by the things that come out of mouth that do not point my children to God or that show the state of my heart. For example, we had a 98 Ford Windstar with high mileage, that I thoroughly disliked. It binged. I mean it, it binged. If the temperature was over 50 degrees the "door ajar" light and warning bing would come on and stay on... the entire trip. Yes, I did take it to the mechanic but, of course, it didn't do it for them. I tried to be patient but with three kids and a loud bing every two second, I would lose my patience and mutter, "I hate this car!" or "Stupid car", which is a real no-no in our house. Instead of showing my children that I was grateful that God provided a car that was reliable and paid for, I showed them by my words an ungrateful heart. I am constantly asking my children, "Where is your heart?" or "Who are you putting first?" but this book reminded me that I need to lead by example, especially in the area of my 'everyday talk'. I have had to take stock of the words that I speak in the normal course of my day and I have to tell you it wasn't always pretty, but I am working on it. I haven't said "stupid fridge" when the condiment shelf falls off for at least two days. I consider that drastic improvement but more importantly, I hope it shows my children that I have to obey and honor God in my words and actions.

Oh by the way, we sold our van and the new car doesn't bing! Pure bliss!


Wednesday, April 02, 2008

School and Spring Fever

5 more weeks of school, that's all we have left but lately even that small amount seems like forever. The kids and I have a serious case of spring fever. We got the kids a 7 seat airplane teeter totter for Easter (a little extravagant we know, but it's so cool!) and they've spent hours playing and pretending to be flying to far away places. Caileigh was flying to India to be a missionary like Amy Carmicheal, Collin was traveling under the sea as his plane turned into a submarine and Connor was pretending to fly the Space shuttle to Mars. I so love watching them playing so well together and just enjoying being kids. These times of innocence will pass away so quickly.

We love doing school together and we love to learn but we are looking forward to carefree days of pretending too.