Saturday, August 06, 2005

I don't whine, I shine! II

Make a poster with a large star and Phil. 2:14 on it. Buy star stickers and tell your children that every time you catch them (they shouldn't tell you they did it – you should catch them) doing what they are supposed without arguing, whining and complaining they will receive a star. Make a goal number for them to reach to deserve a reward. Always remember to thank them for their good behavior and for shining like a star. Just so you know, these ideas do work, I've used them on my kids as well as the 2's and 3's class at church. You will need to keep repeating, "I don't whine, I shine" but eventually it makes sense to them. Training takes time but our children are worth it!

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  1. Hey Dawn,

    Great ideas on the whining. Since we seem to be in the trenches with this issue I might be utilizing some of your ideas.



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