Thursday, December 01, 2005

Taking Time for Tea

Yesterday my little girl, Caileigh, asked if I could play tea. I said that I couldn't, for I have a Christmas play to direct, laundry to fold and put away, dinner to make, presents to wrap, a budget to go over, and numerous other things that need to be done. Sweetly, Caileigh offered to help. She helped me put my laundry away, sang the Christmas play for me and wrote a label for Daddy's present. Caileigh didn't whine or complain that I wouldn't play she just wanted to be with Mommy. After an hour or so, I finally realized that all these things weren't very important. The play will go on, laundry can always sit in the basket, I could pull out a Supper Solutions dinner and everything else could just wait but Caileigh will only be four once. Soon she won't want me to have a tea party with her, she'll want to be with her friends. So, Caileigh and I had our tea party, we dressed up in funny outfits and called each other dahling. Caileigh made cookies in her pretend stove and we talked about all the things little girls like to talk about. We had a wonderful time. Perhaps next time Caileigh asks to have tea, I'll remember this lesson right away, laundry can wait but little childhood won't.


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