Monday, February 18, 2008

Middle Ages Night

One of the things I love about home schooling and our curriculum ( is the family learning events. This was an all candle lit, meat pie eating, Nine Men Morris playing, ale drinking (okay ginger ale), night in the middle ages. Scott was Lord Hudson, Connor was Sir Conrad, Collin was Brother Collin, Caileigh was Princess Sarah and I was Mistress Hudson the kitchen help. We had a wonderful time pretending and learning together.

The next week, we had monastary night. We weren't allowed to speak and ate Pea Soup (not my favorite) and Black bread. Scott read the Bible through out the meal and we all meditated in the solitude on the meaning of the words. It was a special night but we all are grateful that we were not called to be Monks.

I hope and pray that these are memories of family times that the kids will bring with them into adulthood.


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