Monday, August 04, 2008

An Amazing Day

Yesterday was an amazing day. One of those days that makes all the hard work worth it. One of those days that makes the days that you are desperately trying to keep your temper and explain why obedience to Christ is important, why we do devotions everyday, and why we aren't like other families on the block, seem priceless.

Yesterday my children were baptized. Yesterday, my children stood in front of our church and our family to publicly tell the world their faith story and to to publicly share the change that had happened in their hearts privately. Yesterday was a moment that will forever shine in my memory. Yesterday, they shined for Jesus because He first loved them.

They each made the decision to be baptized separately but it just so happened that that they could do it together. They each picked the men in their lives that are the most important in their lives to baptize them. Their dad, their grandfathers, one natural (Scott's dad) and one adopted (Mr. Vic) and Pastor Preston. It was infinitely precious to watch my children in the water with the men that love, protect, guide and pray for them.

Yesterday, I watched God fulfill promises that He made to me and their Grandma Sherron many years ago. Yesterday God showed again His love and blessing on our family.

Yesterday was an amazing day.



  1. What a glorious moment. I know that God was smiling and the angles were clapping.


  2. O beautiful! My eyes are wet with tears. To see your babies follow the Lord is...really...the only thing in this life that matters. The Lord has amazing plans for them & with you and Scott as their parents, they will have every tool and gift they need to serve Him wholeheartedly and unwavering. Right into eternity.


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