Friday, October 24, 2008

Various Thoughts

Just a quick to note to pass on a few thoughts.


We have implemented a search for wisdom verses in Proverbs and there are so many. We've been reading a couple each day and so many of them talk about children listening and heeding their parents advice so that they may make wise decisions. The kids seem to enjoy finding the verses on their own to share. It's like a treasure hunt.


This tip comes from Caileigh. One of the kids chores is to clean the showers and the bathtubs weekly. Caileigh decided to get into her swimsuit and have at it and since then all three have joined in, the tubs and showers are clean and the kids think it's a blast. The floor gets a bit wet but then I just have them wipe the floor with the dirty towels for an inbetween floor cleaning. Not the way I was taught to clean a bathroom but hey, it works and the kids enjoy it.


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