Monday, March 16, 2009

New and Different Challenges

It seems lately that we've passed some sort of stage mark. The kids have begun to compete and perform in so many different venues from Bible Bowl to classical Piano competitions to sports. I love it and love to watch my kids learn to handle pressure, nerves and keep self-control. They don't always win but it seems like they put up a good hard fight and most of all, are considerate and good sports. ( You would NOT believe how many kids don't say good job, nice try or know how to shake a competitors hand. Shocking! Parents - teach your kids to be good sports! It's important and it makes them and you look bad!) The funny thing is that I have a hard time not shouting out the right answer, it's different not being the competitor.

Anyway here's a few pictures of the kids events. Isn't Connor handsome in his dress-up clothes for the Classical Piano Competition? He didn't win but he got to the second round and made a good showing for himself.

Okay, I wasn't going to say anymore about teaching your kids to be good sports but I feel the need (you wouldn't believe how bad the sportsmanship is - even among Christian kids). Remember Luke 6:46 tells that what comes out of our mouths is an overflow of our hearts? Competition is included in that. When we allow our children to be bad sports it's showing that winning is more important than the people we are competing against and that can't be allowed. Matthew 22:39 says to, "Love your neighbor as yourself." At a young age, children may throw a tantrum or throw down a game piece or burst into tears when they lose. We must train them to get self-control, shake hands and say "good job' whether they win or lose. Collin was the worst at this so I once told him I would make sure he would lose every game we played until he could get control of himself. ( Aren't you glad that you are not my child?) We have continually worked with him on this (also on not over-gloating when he does win) and he has learned to be a good sport and is a joy to play a game with. He will try to beat you, don't get me wrong, but he'll shake your hand and tell you "good game" and look you in the eye as he does so. We must teach sportsmanship because it is a moral issue. God does care if we love winning more than we love our fellow man.


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  1. So true, it's a balancing act between doing everything as unto the Lord and the very best job we can and loving others more then ourselves. Ella beat me at Candyland the other night and it kinda ticked me off so I'm thinking I still have some things to learn in this dept.


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