Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Getting Outdoors

We are almost done with school and are just finishing up with our projects for the state of Colorado (stay tuned, I'm writing a travel through Colorado history curriculum)so we drove up to Estes Park to take some pictures of Colorado's wildflowers for Caileigh.

While we were there we had time to play in the water, climb rocks and just play. I was sitting watching them and was reminded that kids need time to just play. We keep them in so many things and have so many toys that they rarely have time to just play. All three of mine played for 3 hours with just water, rocks, sticks and dirt and were perfectly happy and content. They were sad to go and when we got home Collin said, "Mommy, when can we go to the mountains and play again?." I told him soon because I so enjoyed the three of them enjoying each other and the creation that God made for us to enjoy.

I'm looking forward to summer and I think I will schedule some old-fashioned play time. I think I will slow our schedule down and just enjoy the time as family because the time is coming when I won't have that privilege.



  1. It reminds me that us Moms need to make sure we plan time to "play" too!

  2. Rachel7:48 AM

    Hi, This is Rachel (RBS in OH) from the MFW message board. Thanks for the invite to your blog in your signature line. It's so great to hear kids and parents enjoying God's creation so much. Nature is such a simple blessing. I just wanted to tell you that I always appreciate your comments on the message board-and that you once gave me. Your words are kind, practical and godly. And your love for God and your family are so evident in your blog. Thanks for being the shining example that you are!

  3. I'm so proud of you Dawn, you are amazing - miss you and love you.


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