Monday, November 26, 2012

Re- do Christmas Carol Advent, " From Humbug to Hallelujah"

Making shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child to care for the poor - the beginning of our unit study

We are so excited for the new animated "A Christmas Carol". We had planned to read the book and we have a daily devotion on the Christmas Carol so voila! a unit study for our Advent Celebration!
"A Christmas Carol" has so many great lessons that we as Christians need to embrace. It speaks about loving others, valuing people over things, making the most out of every minute, and keeping the joy of Christmas all year long. I am looking forward to watching the kids embrace these ideas as we move into the Christmas season.
So, for those of you with older elementary and up kids (the book and movie can get intense - although the Muppet version is lots of fun) here's my plan:
Read the unabridged version of the book as an before bed read aloud. Watch the movie and then use this great devotional we got several years ago called, "from Humbug to Hallelujah". You can get the devotional from, I've found a great site for more unit study ideas as well at, There is also a Progeny Press Guide for those who really want to go in depth.
I find that we have a much better (and more fun) Christmas season if I have a unit study planned for the weeks we have off from school. It's also more meaningful and it keeps the kids interested to hear the Christmas story from new points of view. We'll probably do crafts and plan meals based on the Dickens time frame as well.
Advent begins November 29th. Time to get busy!


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