Friday, April 30, 2010

Green cleaning

Just a plug for my cousin's blog on cleaning green. I ran out of much of my usual cleaning supplies and out of desperation got on-line and tried my cousin's suggestions. They worked beautifully and the kids thought they were a blast to mix up. They are currently wanting to make more if of the baking soda/lemon paste and are trying to find other things to clean with it, so that's a bonus. They were also excited to note that the lemon and baking soda make a small chemical reaction because the lemon is an acid and the baking soda, a base. I've done the vineagar and water before but always on a sunny day and it didn't work as well but since it's cloudy, it works great. I wonder why that is? Evaporation rate? Hmmm, Connor may have to research that for me.

Oh, and the best part is that the house smells lemony fresh.

Thanks, Laura! Love you!



  1. Glad you liked the tips, don't you love the house smelling like lemon? Ahhh, reminds me of summer...Love and miss you, sure you don't wanna move here? XO

  2. I like this cleaning method. Can I borrow a couple of kids for a day or so? Muwha! Love ya!

  3. Laura, they were great tips! Oh and we live in Colorado. Not a place you move from but a place you move to! Besides, someone has to keep Grams in line. Nina, you could borrow mine but you could also get some of your own.... Love you both!


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