Thursday, July 01, 2010

Just a quick note to say that summer is a great time to work on some of those character traits that we don't always have time for in the school year. I usually pick one or two traits and find a Proverbs for them to write and memorize and give extra marbles for the marble jar for when they show these traits. When they have 20 marbles, we may go to a movie (many AMC theatres have really cheap kid movies on Wed mornings), go swimming, pick out a new book or go have ice cream.

Some of the things we work on may be:

Obeying right away, not saying, "but Mom..." (I hate that), picking up after themselves, having a good attitude on chores, getting along with siblings etc.

Proverbs has verses to cover all of that! It's like the author of the book knew us so well that He gave us specific guidelines! : )

Summer is also a great time to work on things like cooking, doing laundry (from beginning to end), mowing lawns, putting toys away and those life skills that will be handy when school rolls around again.

Mine are working on keeping the kitchen clean (like Mom likes it) and laundry from beginning to end. Somehow Caileigh and Connor know how to do these but sneaky Collin has slid by without these skills. Not any longer, to his chagrin.


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