Monday, August 16, 2010

Eternal Perspective on Grammar (who knew)

Connor started Rod and Staff English today and lo and behold in the first lesson, both Connor and I were shocked to learn 1.) The Bible talks about word usage and word understanding. 2.) That learning grammar and writing skills had eternal value. I can firmly tell you that I was totally in the dark about that fact as was my son.

We learned that Speaking and Writing are important contributions to God's Kingdom. We must be able to tell others about Jesus and that words must be understandable to be beneficial (I Cor 14:9, 19). Writing can encourage believers, even generations upon generations, with their future hope (Rev 14:13). We looked up several more verses that related to this topic ( I didn't even know some of these existed) and then discussed some of the authors that Connor enjoys and their impact on Christianity. Take for example C.S. Lewis, Oswald Chambers or even Max Lucado. If these greats of the Christian faith could not put an intelligible, interesting and grammatically correct sentence together, would their ministry been as effective. The answer is an obvious no.

The lesson also warned us that God will judge us on our speaking ability (Col. 1:28). We must use words for His glory. Think of the damage that great but evil speakers have done to our world, Hitler or Darwin and conversely what Godly speakers have done like Billy Graham or Abraham Lincoln.

I was amazed at the eternal perspective that an otherwise simple English lesson taught Connor and I today. Who knew?

Connor then ended the lesson with, "Ah man, now I really have to do grammar because of the eternal perspective. What a shame."


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