Thursday, October 06, 2011

My Little Man

My Little Man is curious - within reason.

My Little Man is so very handsome.  I love his curls.  He doesn't like them as much.

My Little Man is an explorer, again within reason.  His cautious soul keeps he and his sister out of trouble.

My Little Man loves his big brother.  They are best buds, which is something we have worked long and hard at.

My Little Man puts up with his crazy and annoying Mom.  

My Little Man only puts up with so much annoyance and then he's done.  Be warned.

My Little Man loves to test his theories and wants to make sure he is right.

Collin is my snuggle buddy, the first one to sense if Mom is sad or worried or tired.  He's the first one to give me a hug and tell me that I am beautiful.  He is also the first one to tell me if he thinks I am wrong. Particularly if I don't agree him.  He also has a bit of Tom Sawyer in him.  I think he convinced Caileigh and Connor to do his laundry for several months before I figured out what he was doing.  Collin wants to do what is right.  He is black and white and detailed.  He loves God and is working on tempering judgement with mercy.  Collin is the most like his Daddy which makes me smile as they talk Star Wars, or walk along or agree that we extroverts are out of control.  Collin is competitive, he is a force to behold on a soccer field or anything that involves Mr. Vic.  They have a longstanding rivalry.  Collin is diligent but might like to rub that fact in his sisters nose.  Collin is protective, you do not want to mess with those he deems as his.  His sister, his Mom, his friends, his Daddy, his brother and his Miss Mo.

Happy 10th year Little Man, even several months late.  I love you and am so glad you are mine.


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