Saturday, May 03, 2014

Great Summer Fun!

This is an older post but still has some of my favorite summer ideas.

Here are a few new ones as well-

Jim Weiss CD's - We love these CD's.  They are great for quiet time during the summer as well as for car rides.

Khan Academy - I hate losing valuable math skills during the summer so a Khan Academy is a fun way to keep up math skills in the summer.

Scratch - I think every kid needs to understand what programming is and the basics if it.  Scratch is a great, fun, free way to teach programming skills.  This is the program that started Connor on his love for all things Comp Sci.

We are off having a great summer but just wanted to share some of my favorite summer finds. These are all suggestions for 7+ (ish)

 Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction

 This book has thus far been one of my favorite things for the kids. They have built crossbows out of pens and pencils, "hand guns" with tic tac "bullets", trubuchets out of spoons and so much more.

 Read Alouds

 We finished "The Hobbit" and are moving to "The Fellowship of the Rings". Scott likes to play the movie soundtrack while I read. Remember that even teenagers like read alouds and it is a great way to spend quality time together. 

 Adventures in Odyssey 

 We are listening to #55 and it tells the story of Sergeant York. If you haven't read the book, watched the movie at the very least listen to the AIO series. My favorite line, "I'm agin everything the Bible's agin.". I love that line. It's a great reminder that by being obedient to God we can do amazing things.

 Some Summer School

 Editor in Chief by the Critical Thinking Co. These have been great for my kids to practice editing and using all those skills, punctuation, capitalization and spelling. Life of Fred and / or Mathtacular Great, fun math programs! Gotta run to our next fun summer activity, hope you are having a fabulous summer.

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