Tuesday, September 17, 2013

And the Rain Came Tumbling Down....

As most of you may be aware, this last week in my part of the world, the skies opened and rain poured forth.  For those of you in wetter climates this may not have quite the same impact as it has here on the Front Range of Colorado.  In the past week, we have had more than a normal years worth of rain.  If it were snow, we would totally know how to handle it, but the wet stuff falling from the skies has been problematic to say the least.

Within miles of our home, bridges have collapsed, roads crumbled and homes and businesses were completely flooded.  Several friends have been totally cut off from water, power and indeed the ability to leave without being airlifted from their towns.  We have friends who are still evacuated from their homes, family who have been without clean water for days and a community rocked by what they are calling a 500 year flood.  It will take a years to repair the damages.

Through the crises, I have the loved the response from the people of faith.   Churches opened as Evacuation Centers, stories of people going door to door in evacuated areas making sure everyone had left (in one case this saved a life of an elderly woman in a wheelchair), homes being opened for those who were displaced, meals prepared and made for those in need.  The digging out of basements and businesses and clean water handed out to those who have none.  

This is what the church was supposed to be.  The fact that double the amount of people needed to feed evacuees showed up at 6 in the morning ready and willing to help shows that when rallied, the church still is the hands of Jesus.  I love that.  I love that our pastor had to send a note telling the congregation to slow up, the authorities weren't ready for us to descend upon the surrounding towns yet.  I love that Samaritan's Purse has made its home base at our church for the next several months.  Samaritan's Purse was here by Saturday.  The floods happened on Thursday and Friday.   I loved that in the midst of personal trials people on FB were saying, "How can I help?  My house is dry, come here".  God showed up in a big way and His people are being His hands.  It has given me some faith in God's people back.  

It was dark and stormy but the sun is shining both literally and figuratively.    I know there are many who still have dark days ahead in digging out and repairing and some who have lost loved ones.  (Though mercifully, that number has been miraculously low) But prayerfully,  God's people will show up to lend a hand to all those in need.

For those wondering, we have been very blessed in this time.  We lost a little sleep in bailing out a window well and have a small part of the basement carpet wet but other than that have stayed high and dry.  Our water is clean and only a few roads are closed around us.  God gave us extra grace.

For those wondering how they can help. I will direct you to our church's website.

Rocky Mountain Christian Church



  1. So grateful you guys are okay and know your family is part of that great extension of God's love. Miss you and love you so much.

  2. So grateful you guys are okay, and know that you are part of that extension of God's grace. Love and miss you so much.


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