Monday, January 06, 2014

The 'Meanest' Moms = The Nicest Kids

When my kids were little, I was the Mom that said 'no', often.  As a matter of fact, even my kids's friends still talk about not messing with Miss Dawn.  It wasn't that I yelled or threatened or was unkind but it was because I expected my kids and those kids around them to be obedient, kind, respectful and have a higher standard for them.

I was the Mom that said no to an inappropriate movie even if everyone else was watching it.

I was the Mom who said no to the extra treat.

I was the Mom who didn't allow the phrase, "but Mom..." to be spoken.

I was the Mom who insisted on a strict bedtime.

I was the Mom who gave my kids apple cider vinegar if they used inappropriate words.

I was the Mom who took away privileges if my kids misbehaved.

I was the Mom who pre-read every book before my kids were allowed to read it.  I said no to books, often, or you can read it when you are older.

I was the Mom who left an entire basket of groceries in the cool room at the supermarket to take a "I want a piece of candy" tantrum laden child home - more than once.

I was the Mom that insisted that they do work over if they didn't do it right the first time, school work and chores.

I was the Mom who made a 10 year earn enough money to buy his first iPod.

I was and still am that Mom.  The strictest Mom around.

 I have a theory about the 'mean' Mom, the strict one.  The strictest Moms have the nicest kids.  The Moms that I most look up to were the strictest Moms and they have the greatest kids.  Now, those kids are grown up and have become such great, Godly men and women.  They are getting married and having kids and saying, "No" to their adorable little ones.  I think there is a direct correlation.

I am so glad I was a 'mean' Mom because I am watching my kids turn into wonderful young people.


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