Friday, March 21, 2014

Knit On Scratch On!

Connor and his friend, K, have created a working knitted piano.  The two of them are so much fun to watch as they brainstorm.  It looks like they are just talking and all of a sudden they start laughing and putting ideas together, next thing you know, they are asking you to buy expensive wire and a Makey Makey.  Two days later, they have asked a local company to sponsor them and they have several hundred dollars of equipment donated.  

They submitted their project and are presenting it at the Scratch Conference at MIT in August.  Check it out at Knit On Scratch On

If you have not discovered Scratch, you should get your child on this ASAP.  It is a pretty amazing program that teaches kids the beginning of programming. All three of my kids love it and Connor has helped to design several of the new modules that work with robots.

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