Friday, June 27, 2014

Summer Days 2014

I almost wish we were butterflies and liv’d but three summer days — three such days with you I could fill with more delight than fifty common years could ever contain. ~John Keats

We had friends stay with us for a week and a half and we had a blast.  Camping in the backyard was great and the best part was that Scott and I could sleep in our own bed.

If you haven't discovered, "Mini Weapons of Mass Destruction", go to Amazon and buy it now.  It is best for 7 or 8 and up.  I make a list of all the things they need and put it in a basket, which the kids named The Awesome Box.  Great fun but messy - do the build in the backyard!

Soccer or Futbol is the only sport I enjoy watching, which might be because I played it for many years.  We spent a lovely summer night at the Rapids game.  Connor is helping Caileigh smile as a on camera smile is so rare these days.

The pool!  We love going to the pool in our neighborhood.  It is only two blocks from our house which makes it easy to go for a swim.

Family Night!  Almost every Sunday, we spend time with our adopted family.  We had a lovely time up in Lyons celebrating Father's Day.
More pool time, this time with Sophia.
Unfortunately, our beloved Subaru Tribeca died and we had to get a new car.  Although we weren't excited about the prospect of having a car payment again, we like our new to us, 2012 Honda Pilot.  It sits 8 and best of all, has enough leg room for our 6'2 son.
We loves Estes Park and were so glad to see that it is recovering from the floods of last fall.

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