Saturday, February 21, 2015

Senior Pictures!

We took Senior Pictures in October and while we were at it, we took a few family pictures.  I am still amazed that we are at this point, but as we are in the final stages of finding out which Colleges he's been accepted at, if he made it in the Engineering Honors Dorm at CU and the ever so important last and final stage of The Boettcher Scholarship, I suppose it's time to face the fact that my handsome boy is heading off to college next fall. 


  1. he is so handsome, remember getting his birth announcement in the mail and now he's going to college. we are old. what a precious family, so lucky to call you mine. xo

  2. These senior pictures look great! I especially like the picture on the bridge over the water. My little sister is going to be a senior next year and she is trying to find a good photographer that can take her photos. I will have to show her this post and see what she thinks.
    Emily Smith |


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