Friday, June 12, 2015


After a wonderful 9 day trip to Disneyworld, we came back and threw a graduation two days later.  It only occurs to me later, that scheduling things like that back to back may be crazy. It was also raining like cats and dogs so we did a ton of praying that it would stop for the party because the 60-70 people coming would be hard to fit in my living room.  It rained hard right before the party and then cleared up beautifully for the party itself.  

We did a co-graduation with our friends since the two graduates did much of their high school years together.  Neither of them wanted a formal graduation so we had grandparents on both sides for both kids give blessings and then we presented them with their diplomas.  It was amazing to have people that have loved and prayed for these kids give them a blessing and a charge for the future.  It was sweet and meaningful.

Given the chance, I always have something to say...

Our beloved Mr. Vic, Miss Mo and Alex kept us laughing and reminded Connor of how much he's loved and that he has people who are proud of him and are behind him.

Grammy and Papa continued the blessings by reminding Connor of his Godly heritage and by encouraging him to never step away from his faith.

I had prepared a whole speech but could barely get through the first few sentences.  I was far more emotional than I thought I was going to be.  I can't quite believe that he won't be here with us everyday.  I am so very pleased with who he is and am so excited for his future but a little sad for me.

Scott's speech was equally as touching. He gave a wonderful charge to Connor.

The graduates and their very proud parents.

The Hudsons and Grays, well behaved and nicely posed.

The Hudsons and Grays in their more normal habitat.

The fire pit and the S'more bar were very popular.

Silly String fight!

Our adorable Sophia with a prop from the photo booth.

Every graduate should have Mickey Ears graduation caps!

The S'more Bar

The official graduation selfie.

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