Tuesday, April 24, 2007

A Curious Girl

My three children recently spent a week with their Grandparents, something they love to do. Grammy and Papa are wonderful and they always are up for a new adventure and have lots of fun, interesting activities planned. You never know what might happen if you spend a week at Grammy's. However, the following activity was thought up by the one and only Caileigh.

I was unpacking Caileigh suitcase and while separating her clothes, I found an egg. Yes, I said an egg. I called Caileigh to me and I asked her, "What's this, Caileigh?".

"It's an egg, Mommy." she blandly stated.

"Why do you have an egg in your suitcase?" I calmly asked.

"I was curious." she replied.

"Curious about what"

" I was wondering if I put the egg in a warm, dark spot if it would hatch a chick. I had an hypothesis and I wanted to see the result." she informed me. ( My friend, Mo, says it's my own fault since I have a five year old who can properly use the word, 'hypothesis'.)

"Well, the egg didn't hatch because it needs a Mom and Dad to have it become a chick." I explained. "Where did you get the egg, Caileigh?" I queried.

"From Grammy's refigerator." she quietly said while she began to look downward and place her hands behind her back.

"Does Grammy know you took an egg?" it's a fair question, Grammy is very curious too.

"No." Caileigh said.

"What's that called?" I prodded.

"Stealing." she sheepishly replied.

"What's that called by God?" I further prodded.

"A sin."

"What do you need to do to make it right?"

"Say sorry and pay for the egg."

So Caileigh and I talked about making restitution with Grammy and Papa and how it's okay to be curious and do experiments but that we might need to talk to the grownups to make sure it's okay. I struggle with not laughing at times like these because I found the whole thing hilarious. I might not have found it quite so funny if the egg had broken but it didn't. I can't wait to tell this story to potential suitors someday. It'll be great fun!


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