Thursday, May 03, 2007


At my house lately, we've had some issues. Issues with disobedience, issues with respectful tones of voices and issues with treating each other with kindness. I don't like having issues, they make me grumpy. After being grumpy for several days, I realized that I hadn't gone over my expectations of the kids in a while. So, the kids and I sat down and talked over the problem. Each child picked out a proverbs that they needed to work on and wrote it down and decorated the page to place on the frig as a reminder. As the kids wrote their Proverbs down, I sat and made a list of my expectations and the consequences - both good and bad. I believe that a list of expectations for my kids needs to be biblically based. I then went over the expectations with the kids and what they should expect if they should meet these expectations (rewards, praise, extra privileges and what they should expect if they don't meet those expectations (corporal discipline, the chore jar, loss of privileges). We all now have a firmer grasp on the expectations we have for our home and we are slowly beginning to have less issues. I am less grumpy, the kids know clearly how they are to act and I have a plan to follow for discipline. I like having discipline plans, they seem to cause less stress in times of conflict.


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