Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Skip Counting

This school year we changed Math curriculum to Singapore Math after much research and thought. They all have done very well although Connor and I have had to get used to some new thought processes. The twins have done very well and have enjoyed the way Singapore introduces topics. Recently, they started learning skip counting as a pre-requisite to multiplication and division. This week they started multiplication and division and I have to say that skip counting has made the transition flawlessly.

If you are not familiar with skip counting, basically it's counting by 2's, 3's,4,'s etc. through the 12's. For instance, 4,8,12,16,20,24,28,32,36,40.

I taught these to the twins using m&m's. I first placed two m&m's per group for ten groups and then we counted them together. Once they memorized the 2's we moved onto the group (oh and ate the well deserved m&m's - for 2's they received 2, 3's they received 3 etc.) This made a very easy transition into multiplication, as 2 groups of 2 is 4 (or 2,2's) or 5 groups of 5 is 25. Division was a similar transition, if we had 15 m&m's and we all wanted an equal share how many would we each get? Once they divided the m&m's and ate their share, the concept of division was a breeze.

I wish I had taught Connor this way. It would have made these concepts much easier, I think he wishes I would have taught him this way as well! He would have had many more m&m's.


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