Wednesday, April 02, 2008

School and Spring Fever

5 more weeks of school, that's all we have left but lately even that small amount seems like forever. The kids and I have a serious case of spring fever. We got the kids a 7 seat airplane teeter totter for Easter (a little extravagant we know, but it's so cool!) and they've spent hours playing and pretending to be flying to far away places. Caileigh was flying to India to be a missionary like Amy Carmicheal, Collin was traveling under the sea as his plane turned into a submarine and Connor was pretending to fly the Space shuttle to Mars. I so love watching them playing so well together and just enjoying being kids. These times of innocence will pass away so quickly.

We love doing school together and we love to learn but we are looking forward to carefree days of pretending too.


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