Monday, November 17, 2008

My Hero

I think my husband is terrific. The past three months Scott has taken it upon himself to lead and coach a First Lego League Team (it's a robotics/design/science and research competition) so that Connor could be involved in it, which is right up Connor's alley. We tried to find a team that was accepting members but to no avail so Scott decided to lead one. Three other boys signed up for the team from our church and off they went. Now you need to know that Scott has never taught or led anything remotely child oriented. No, I take that back, he has done puppets but only behind the scenes. Anyway, this was a huge stretch for him and none of us had ever seen how this thing worked. They met every week for a couple of hours and worked on team building, researching climate problems and making a presentation and designing, building and programming a Lego NXT to perform certain tasks. 10 year old boys are not the easiest to keep on task let alone 4 of them but with the help of 3 of the parents, they went to their first competition this weekend.

It was AMAZING! There were 24 teams, most of whom who were much larger teams all competing to move on to State . The boys handled the stress well, (when the robots breaks down in the middle of a 2 1/2 min round it's stressful) they met with judges, presented their research and won 5th place. They were presented with a huge trophy as the 2008 "Rising Stars". We were all shocked, Scott, parents, the boys, utterly shocked at how well our little church team did.

My whole point of this blog was to say how proud of my husband I am. He has been willing to be drug to every home school convention, every parenting class, parenting retreat, and reads the books that I put in front of him. I am so grateful that he is in this parenting adventure with me, he is my hero.

Oh, the team didn't quite qualify to go to state but that's okay because half the team is going to Mexico with us and State was on the Dress Rehearsal for the Christmas play and the mean director (me) said "No, they can't skip". There's always next year.


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