Monday, November 10, 2008

So Proud!

I just needed to share some proud Mom moments:

All three kids memorized the entire first chapter of James and are currently working on the 2nd chapter. They are better at it than I am.

They wrote a letter to send to friends and family about supporting them to go on our family missions trip to Mexico and raised enough money to pay all their own fees. Thanks to God and all of you who selflessly donated! You should have seen their faces when we added up the donations.

They canvassed the street for shoebox gifts (see Operation Christmas Child for more info) to give to poor children in Mexico, knocking on doors and explaining what they were doing and received 11 shoeboxes to take with us. Most of these donations came from non-Christians and adults but the kids are favorites with the neighbors who were unwilling to let the kids down.

What I love most is their utter confidence that God will provide and that no matter how uncomfortable the task is, they are fully willing to sacrifice to do the right thing. (If you know Collin, knocking on doors and talking to strangers, is a sacrifice - even if Mommy was right on the sidewalk. Caileigh thought it was great fun!)

I am so grateful that I get to be their Mom. They are precious beyond measure and I know that God has a great plan for their lives.

Oh and the picture at the top is the kids riding an elephant. Yes, a real elephant. It was big and Caileigh was little unsure of the whole idea - who knew that Caileigh was scared of anything .



  1. They are so fortunate to have such wonderful parents!

  2. You guys are awesome! You put me to shame, that's for sure.
    Love to all of you, we're so proud of your accomplishments and the hearts you have towards the Lord.


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