Thursday, April 09, 2009

Connor and I

Scott and Connor have been taking a "Squires and Scrolls" class through church which teaches boys to start taking those first steps into manhood and purity. They also have a moms/daughters track which Caileigh and I will start in the fall. The members of the class progress to the next level of class and books each year until they graduate from high school. It's one of the main reasons we switched churches this year.

This week Connor was learning about treating women with respect and honor so he had to take Mom on a date. I got a call on Tuesday night from my sweet oldest son asking me to go to dinner with him on Wednesday. After I accepted he asked me when he could meet me and that he was looking forward to our time together. I haven't had such an offer in over 13 years (hint, hint, honey).

We went on our date last night and I have to tell it was one of the highlights of my year. Connor opened doors for me, paid for dinner and a movie (with his own money from his dog sitting job) and we had a wonderful time. We've gone on dates before but it's always been at my planning and it was extra sweet to have my son plan and pay. We talked girls, and futures, about our favorites books and movies and about life in general.

I have to say that who ever God has planned for my son, is a very blessed girl. If he can treat his Mom with such care I know that he will treat the girl he's to marry with love and respect.

Oh and a special thanks to Scott for taking the time to train and learn with our sons. It is a joy to behold!

Our church's program is called Path to Purity and if you have a chance to go through something like it, run don't walk! You can buy the "Squire and the Scroll" and the "Life Lessons from the Squire and the Scroll" as well the "Princess Kiss" and the "Life Lessons from the Princess Kiss". The next book in the series at church is "Raising a Modern Day Night", check them out!



  1. Todd just ordered the "Modern Day Knight" book, figured we'd get a head start since we are going to have a house full of boys. I can't wait to read it, and I really can't wait for date nights with my boys - brought tears to my eyes...

  2. Melts my heart! I have a "young man" who is taller then me yet he wraps his arms around my neck like he used to around his arms around my legs. Nothing like it! I'm excited for the men they are to become. What a blessing!

  3. So glad that you included the names of the books. You just knew that I'd be asking:)


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