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This summer has not gone as I had planned. It has gone how God planned but not as I planned. You'll remember my blog early in the summer on planning more time to play, however we have not been up to the mountains since. God had some different plans for our family this summer which helped to me to really define who I am and what my priorities truly are.

I received a call in June from a friend asking if I would be willing to work several weeks this summer to help them out. Scott and I prayed about it and felt like this was something I could do as well as helping a company I firmly believe in. So Scott bravely agreed to hold down the home front while working at home (isn't he amazing) while I flew out on a great adventure. I really enjoyed working, it was different, I felt valued and that I was giving my time to a very worthwhile cause. I also loved working with the people I did (you know who you are). They were friendly, Godly, and kept an amazing amount of grace in the face of an incredible amount of change, oh and maintained a sense of humor. I could imagine myself working in this environment full-time but something continually nagged at me. I felt like I was doing what I was supposed to be doing at the moment but that this was not what I was supposed to be doing all the time. I realized that I really want to be with my children. I want to be the one who disciples them. I want to know what they are doing and what they are feeling. I want to be the one who takes them to their soccer camps and the pool. I want to teach them. I want to be there when they figure out a new concept in math or write a good sentence. I want to teach Bible to them every day and watch them grow in their faith. It is what God has called me to do at this time.

So often we as Moms think we are not doing something of value in wiping noses, changing diapers, doing laundry, making dinner, reading stories, cleaning toilets and the myriad of things that we do each day but we are we are training the next generation and no one can do it as well as we can. I loved the opportunity and I would willing go again but I am so grateful that God showed me where my heart truly is, with my husband and kids at home. I hope God shows you today where your heart is.

The pictures are of Caileigh's newly decorated room. I finally was able to spend the time and re-paint her room for her birthday - only a month late but it's done! All three kids helped, Caileigh helped me stencil the vine and the boys helped me stencil the stars. They were great!


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  1. Thanks for the encouraging word! Love the room too!


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