Friday, October 09, 2009

Fall Craziness

Making foaming monsters for school.

Collin running to get the ball in soccer.

Caileigh sacrificing her body for the ball. That's my girl! She's an awesome little goalie. Not afraid of anything - wonder who she gets that from?

Thus far, the fall is crazy busy! Scott has traveled every other week, twins in soccer (which means 4 practices a week and 2-3 games), First Lego League, Bible Bowl, church activities, and oh yeah, home schooling. Despite the madness, I wouldn't trade a moment. Here's some pictures of what's been going on!


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  1. I think the genuis brains at the car companies should come up with a Suburban with a cooler and oven in it! I can't tell you how much we eat in the car on our way to and fro!
    Duh! I should just get a motorhome!!!! heehee


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