Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas Fun

I love that Connor still will give Mom big hugs. Not in public though or if any of his friends can see him but I'll take what I can get, of course it helps if I appeal to his stomach with his favorite Christmas breakfast.

Remember the post on "The Last Straw"? Scott took ths further and made a stable of presents to surround the manger of secret acts of kindness for Jesus. It helped to cement the idea further that Christmas is about Jesus.

La Posada with our friends. We had a great final night of our "Christmas Around the World" Unit study by celebrating La Posada. The kids went to several neighbors homes asking for shelter for Mary and Joseph and were rudely turned away. ( I had asked the neighbors ahead of time) We then knocked at our house and Scott was the good innkeeper and invited everyone in for a wonderful Mexican fiesta.

The Annual Cookie Party. We had a food from around the world potluck and made cake balls and Sinterklaas bags to give to neighbors.

Zoo Lights with the entire family. It was the first time we had gone and we loved it. Yeah for Alex for planning a great family outing!

Happy New Year to all and May God Bless Your Coming Year!


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