Thursday, January 06, 2011

"Change Your Face"

We had one of the Directors of the Family Ministry (who is the Producer, Writer, Director and general "Power That Be" of the Rush Hour Program) over for dinner with some friends during the Christmas Season. While we were chatting over dinner, he shared something his Mom used to say when it was apparent that he needed to change his attitude. She would lean over for his hearing only and tell him, "Change Your Face!" which meant that his attitude was showing and he was to immediately, if not sooner, change his attitude. I thought that this was genius! I immediately started looking for an opportunuty to use it and I found it!

I had told Connor to go out and get some exercise, which to Connor is worse than death, and his attitude was clearly showing on his face. I calmly looked over and merely said, "Change your face." His eyes opened wide and he asked, "What? Change it to what?" I then replied, "Your attitude is showing on your face so you clearly need to change your heart to obedience and then change your face." I explained where I had learned this and he laughed and "changed his face". I loved it, it was a great moment. It also gave me a phrase to use quietly that has some meaning behind it that my kids will understand.

Of course this means that Scott will say it to me when I am showing my disapproval or have a bad attitude but I think it will be well worth it. Not to mention that I know that there are many times when I need to change my face.


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