Thursday, January 13, 2011

Getting Back to Real Life is Hard

We had a great Christmas vacation. Hanging out, going skiing, watching movies, playing with our friends, being with family, it was wonderful. However, there were a few moments with the kids that I thought, "Uh-oh, we may be too comfortable." I chose to ignore it though, purposefully, because it was vacation.

Boy, have I paid for it. I knew school would make us all be more disciplined and that we would have some issues and I was right. It's a little bit like the first month of the school year only colder and with less light and less opportunity to throw them all outside to vent all that energy. It's amazing what three weeks of looser boundaries can bring. Not utter chaos, but close.

I am reminded that consitency is the key and that I need to pick my battles, again. It is nice that the re-training period is shorter now than when they were younger but no less painful.

So, I stick my nose back into my parenting books and look again in Proverbs and Psalms and James for motivation and get to it. We'll all be better off if I do.

I did love our Christmas though. I am putting up pictures to remind myself how much fun we had and will again, someday, prayerfully soon.


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