Thursday, March 17, 2011

It's The Little Things

When Caileigh and Collin were born, their beloved Alex and Miss Mo got them little on the go blankies. Caileigh's was a soft pink silk and Collin's a soft blue silk. Collin loved his from the get go. He loved to rub his "silky" between his thumb and pointer finger and then suck his other thumb. It was it his happy place, his "all is right in the world" place. By year two, we had Alex get him another one as he had worn through the first one. Then he took Cailiegh's by year three. He didn't care if it was pink. It felt like silky and it was all good. Through the years, Collin has wheedled Grammy into putting new linings on it. He stopped sucking his thumb long ago but silky is important to this texture sensitive little man.

Several weeks ago, he came to me upset because silky was once again worn through. I explained to him that it might be time to put silky away but he was so horrified by my suggestion that he took silky quickly back to his room where it was safe. While I was gone to homeschool convention he enlisted his sister's help to find, cut and pin new material to silky. They carefully cut out the label to pin to the front, "just so everyone would know that it's still silky" and handed it to me when I got home. He asked if I would sew it for him. I told him that I would later in the week and he thanked me and hopped off. (Collin doesn't walk anywhere, he hops, jumps, skips or runs - there is no walking)

I put the silky on the linen closet and went off to do something important, like laundry. I have been really busy doing important stuff - like laundry, cleaning packing Scott off to China, going to conventions and Collin hasn't once reminded me of my promise or whined or complained, he just waited.

Tonight as we got from Bible Bowl and Rush Hour at church I saw the silky and decided that I might as well get it done. I pulled out the sewing machine and got to work. It probably took me 10 minutes, less time than it took me to write this post. I went to his room and gave it to him. My sweet little man jumped up and gave me a huge hug and said, "Thank you, Mommy. I know you are busy so thanks for fixing it for me." He then proceeded to pray over me and thank God that his Mom fixed his silky.

I am once again humbled by my children. They take what I have to give with grateful and loving hearts. Even when what I have to give isn't so great at all. I forget that it's in the little things. The times I stop to read a book with them or have a moment to chat with them or when I make their favorite cookies, they are always ready to meet me with a loving heart. I think God's like that too. My children teach me about God and His loving heart, everyday. Today, it was through an old, well-loved worn silky.



  1. this is precious. brought tears to my eyes because I have sweet, sensitive, silky boys too that are learning to give their hearts to Jesus. hopefully someday they will be as patient as Collin:) xoxo


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