Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Pianos with a Purpose

One of Connor's friends came up with a plan to raise money for children in Ethiopia and asked Connor to be involved. Connor is really a follower at heart but he loved K's plan so he jumped right in. Their band of friends ( I call them K's minions) are all pianists so they decided to throw a benefit concert. K and her lovely mother put it all together, Connor made a program, Caileigh and I made cookies, and Collin and K's brothers were the ushers. They had 5 or 6 performers who were all in middle school and they put on a beautiful concert to raise money for an orphange in Ethiopia and money to help build another very much needed well. It was beautifully done. People came, the kids played and they raised several thousand dollars. That's right, middle schoolers put together and played in piano benefit concert to change their world.
These kids responded to what they had been hearing in in their home schools (although not all of them are home schooled), church and Sunday School class and decided to put others first and do something to change someone else's life. We hear so much about teens being selfish and unkind but here was a concrete example of teens believing that God's word is true and that they have a responsibility to be God's hands in this world and they used the talents God gave them to do so. Amazing.
Our job as parents is to tell them that they can change the world and support them when they want to. I want my kids to be world changers. I want them to be servants. I want them to listen to God's voice and obey it.
I want to be just like them and change the world.


  1. High Fives to Connor and his buddies.....What a sweet testimony to our Lord's love for ALL people. And how your momma's heart must be full of love for your sweet boy. E-mail me with info so that I can donate also!

  2. Thanks, Aunt Marci. I am so very proud and humbled by them. You can go to for more info on the organization that they went through. Love you!


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