Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Thankful Cloth

When the kIds were little, we used to make turkeys and write all the things we were thankful for on the feathers. The kids refuse to do that now that they are so huge, so we are going to have a thankful cloth. I saw this idea in the Focus on the Family magazine. You take a Thanksgiving Tablecoth and each person writes what they are thankful for each Thanksgiving and you have a written record of God's yearly blessings and providence.

I am actually going to run out now and buy one!

P.s. Kohl's has Thanksgiving Tablecloths on sale!


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  1. Awesome idea! I saw a similar one and the grandma embroidered everyone's sentiments every year on the table cloth. Sounds like too much work to me, so I think I'd use fabric markers:) Wish we could celebrate together, now that would be somethign to be thankful for;) xo


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