Monday, December 19, 2011

Disney Cruise

For our 15th Anniversary, Connor's 13th Birthday and the twins turning 10, we decided to go on a Disney vacation complete with a cruise.  It was a once in a lifetime kind of trip and was so worth it!  Our beloved Mr. Vic came on the cruise with us and that made it even more magical!

Here's a few pictures:

In the port, so very excited to get onto the boat where they announce your entire family as you cross the thresh hold.

The first hidden Mickey on the way to our cabins.

The absolutely beautiful chandelier, just an example of the beauty of the ship.

Through out the ship, there were lcd panels that looked like pictures until you passed them and they moved. With a detective pass you could find all the lcd panels and pass your badge over them and it would reveal a hidden mystery.  We certainly got our exercise as we ran over all 11 decks.

 The kids area- no parents allowed!

 Mr. Vic and Scott dressing for the Pirate Party.

 The kids bunks in the cabin.  So fun!

The Sailing Away Party on the Family Pool Deck complete with the Aquaduck, the slide that went over the ship!

Mr. Vic's cabin and the animal towel that the hospitality staff made nightly.

 Scott's favorite spot on Castaway Cay, Disney's private island. 

I love the beach and Goofy!

Mr. Vic and Caileigh headed off to snorkel in the bay and find all the hidden Mickey statues under the water.

One of my most favorite things, the dual waterslides into the ocean!

At the Royal Palace for dinner everything is royal, even the bread baskets.


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  1. Looks amazing! Glad it was magical!


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