Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Starting the School Year in a Great Way

First Day of School Pictures From Days Past

The kids and I have been home for 5 days in the entire month of July.  Connor, between Bible Bowl tournaments and speaking in Barcelona has been home even less.  What this means is that I am desperately trying to play catch up with school plans.  However, there are some non-negotiables in my planning for a the start of a great school year.

1.  Start getting the kids on the school schedule several weeks before school starts.

2.  Put together chore charts and start them at the same time you start your schedule.

3.  Have some meals put in the freezer and have a list of easy crock pot meals.

4.  Start school slowly.  Add a subject or two a week until everything has been added in.

5.  Have a fun first day of school planned.  (Brooke, this is for you!)

I always have fun items for my kids on the first day of school.  For instance, I always give my kids their favorite candy bar and yes, they can eat the whole candy bar on that day.  (Which only happens on the first day of school)  I have some fun pens, pencils, notebooks and bookmarks for each child.  For younger kids this may mean items from the Disney store with their favorite Disney character.  We also have fun shirts for the first day.  In previous years, we have done tie - dye shirts for the first day but this year (shhhh!)  I have gotten them shirts from Think Geek.   I usually have a fun book for them that has nothing to do with school work.  Being that mine are older now, I got unique office items from Think Geek for them for the first day.  I also think if you have pre-schoolers they need to be included in this bounty.

Plan a fun breakfast.  My kids like me to make homemade pop tarts.  I use puff pastry or make whole wheat pie dough with a filling of cherries, apples or blueberries and put their initials on them.  I will also cook up REAL bacon or sausage.  (At my house, we generally only get turkey bacon or sausage) 

Dad goes into work a little later and prays over each child and Mommy.  

We take pictures and measurements and post them on our growth chart.

I have a picnic or fun lunch planned and then have a lighter school day.  Go to the park or the pool in the afternoon.

6.  Know that the first week will be hard but the second week will be harder.  Plan a date night for the first or second week of school.  

Review the article below.

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