Thursday, September 03, 2009

Clarity of purpose

I have been re-reading "Hints on Child-Training" and was struck by this phrase, "His training will decide the manner and method and extent of the use of his God-given powers." It made me think through what we are doing with our kids. Not in bad way but wanting to make sure that we are being deliberate in our training and that we aren't missing anything with each child. Does our school curriculum fit with the values and training that we hold dear? Are we doing what our kids need to prepare them for the amazing plan that God has for them? I prayed that God would give me clarity and discernment.

Not five minutes later as we were reading Bible for the day we read a story that pointed to exactly what our family mission is. The kids and I had a great discussion on the story and the supporting Bible verses and had one of those moments that God just clearly speaks approval. "Yes, this is what you are to do." It also gave me, again, a clear affirmation on choosing to home school and to use the curriculum that we use. They all support the mission and goals that we have as a family. God is so good.

Oh as an aside, I do love MFW and their Bible curriculum always hits home for me. The book we were using today was, "A Young Person's Guide to Knowing God" by Patricia St. John. MFW introduced us to Ms. St John several years ago and each time we love absolutely love her books. Some of them are fictional novels that point the way to God and some are Bible studies like the one we read today. It's a great family devotional.


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