Wednesday, September 09, 2009



Scott went to India for 10 days. He got to spend his birthday at the Taj Mahal, isn't that amazing? I can't quite fathom that. The closest I've gotten was the large replica at Legoland. Anyway, he brought back silk authentic outfits for all of us. They are really interesting and very beautiful! It's really apropos because we have been learning about the British Empire in 1850 and India as a part of that. We talked today about the Sepoy Mutiny in India and how it brought the British Government into full control of India. It's great when real life meets school

As a sidenote, Collin cracked us all up when he said, " I feel like a Pope!" as he was changing into his outfit.


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  1. We only had a bbq for my birthday - no fair. Where is a picture of you and Scott in your outfits?:-)


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