Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Neighborhood Harvest Outreach

I dislike Halloween - immensely. I don't like taking my kids trick or treating, I don't like other kids trick or treating at my door, I don't like the idea of adults purposefully scaring kids and I don't like houses decorated in spiders and ghouls. I just don't like it. We usually run away, go see a movie, spend the weekend in the mountains, or go out to dinner. Anything to get away from the holiday.

But.... we have been praying for our neighborhood, going on prayer walks, bringing goodies to our neighbors, anything we can do to try and be a light and reach out to our neighbors for Christ. Usually, our church does a Harvest festival as an outreach but the entire church has been learning about telling others about Jesus and getting out of our comfort zone and making relationships for the purpose of outreach so this year they have asked us to bring the Harvest festival to our neighborhoods.

Oh, what to do? Did I mention that I dislike Halloween, but how often do kids come to my door asking for something (other than the girl/boy scouts) and the entire neighborhood is out in force? We have also been reading about missionaries that came to the people where they lived and began amazing ministries by merely making relationships and loving the people for who they are. Which again brought to mind all the families that would come to our house. It seems like an opportunity that shouldn't be missed.

So, I am busy planning an Harvest style outreach in my yard for Sunday evening with some friends. I think we'll have apple cider, some games borrowed from church, apple bobbing and who knows what else. I'm trying to think of something to give out with the candy that will bring light to the darkness. Any ideas?



  1. My kids are obsessed with the story of the light and the basket/Jesus being the light of the world. So I let them use my LED votives, you know the "candles" you can turn on with a switch. I wonder if you could find cute little luminaries, even mini paper bags that you could paste that verse to and punch out some stars with a paper punch or something, then turn on the candles, slip them in and even use them as decorations until guests leave and you can then pass them out. Or even use them along your path or whatever and just have people take one as they leave? I'll think about it some more and see if I can think of anything else that's simple and inexpensive. XO

  2. I am not a fan of halloween either and I refuse to call it a holiday! However, we do trick-or-treat. Every year, I think about how I wish we had never gotten started on it. A Christian friend once told me that she thinks it's good for the imagination for kids to have this night of pretend play. I see her point, but my hang up is on how halloween came into existence.

    Anyway, I do have an idea for you but I have to think harder to remember it! A lady in our church used to give suckers to each child with a card attached that said something clever. I'm trying to think of what that was and if/when I do, I'll send it to you.

    In the meantime, do a google search and maybe you'll find something. :) Your outreach sounds like a great plan.


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